Integrity policy of Liedholms

In all contexts where personal data or other important information may be processed by Liedholms Maskinteknik AB or by anyone else on behalf of Liedholms Maskintekniks, all reasonable and appropriate measures are taken to protect customer data from unauthorized access, redistribution, alteration and destruction.
All information we collect is linked to the provision of our services and products.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is provided and collected before and in connection with the initiation of a customer / supplier relationship and an agreement is entered into, or otherwise in connection with a customer / supplier relationship. The information is processed by Liedholms Maskinteknik AB for administration and delivery of contracts, and for Liedholms Maskinteknik AB to be able to fulfill its obligations according to the law.
Liedholms Maskinteknik AB stores the personal data during the course of collaboration.

Commonly processed personal data:

Organizations, organization numbers, names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, delivery and invoice-addresses

Sharing of information:

Liedholms Maskinteknik AB sometimes hires subcontractors to fulfill our obligations to customers according to agreement. It can be a certain skill required or a transport service to deliver physical products. If a subcontractor processes the customer’s personal data, the subcontractor must comply with the data protection regulation and only treat our customers’ personal data according to our instructions (personal data support agreement). As our customer, you are informed if we use subcontractors for your particular delivery.

Transfers to other countries:

Liedholms Maskinteknik AB delivers its services and products both within the EU / EEA and outside, but transmission of personal data is extremely rare to countries outside the EU / EEA. In these rare cases, we will always ask for your consent before sharing your personal information


At Liedholms Maskinteknik AB, we have suitable technical and organizational measures in place to protect our customers’ personal data against unauthorized access, redistribution, alteration and destruction.
Only employees who are required to perform a specific job (eg invoicing, delivery booking, customer service), will have access to personal data. The computers / servers used to store personal data are stored in a secure environment.
We use cookies on our website to improve access and identify frequent visitors. Our use of cookies is not at all linked to personal information on our website.

The website

Our website only uses cookies for statistics. These help us understand how the user interacts with our website, insights that we use to optimize the page so that the user experience gets better.

Almost all websites today use cookies. A cookie is a passive file that cannot collect data from the user’s computer, spread computer viruses or otherwise spread malicious programs.

We do not use automated decision making or profiling.

Your rights

If you want to know which personal information Liedholms Maskinteknik AB has about you, request a correction of incorrect or incomplete information, be removed, or object to automated decision making or profiling, you can submit or send a written – by you signed – request to or visit Liedholms Maskinteknik AB, Ingenjörsgatan 2, 25227 Helsingborg


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