For Liedholms, CUSTOMER FOCUS means that we:

  • Are responsive and have clear communication that gives the customer confidence that we will solve the task
  • Always are based on the customer’s needs and through the right skills for the right task, we help the customer optimize and develop the product
  • Helping customers solve their problems by acting as a trusted partner who always goes the extra mile
  • Delivers on time to the customer’s expectations through good product knowledge and organized workflow

For Liedholms, PROFESSIONAL PRIDE means that we:

  • Make use of and share our experience and competence, both internally and with customers to create opportunities for improvement and development
  • Take responsibility for our tasks, our workplace and always deliver work we can stand for
  • Understands that we create value, contribute to the wholeness and are proud that our competence is important

For Liedholms, FAMILY FEELING means that we:

  • Create a welcoming and safe environment where everyone is included, treated equally and feels important
  • Collaborates within the entire organization, understand each other’s work and supports where needed
  • Show trust by listening and supporting each other, dares to express what we think and ask for help when we need it
  • Have room for humor and an open mind, while showing respect for each other’s boundaries, needs and opinions

For Liedholms, LOYALTY means that we:

  • Take personal responsibility by working proactively and carefully and commits ourselves to contribute to a positive work environment
  • Take joint responsibility by standing up for each other, share ideas and knowledge and communicate in an honest and respectful way
  • Always put Liedholm’s and the customer’s needs first and keep what we promise, to the customer and to  each other

”We at Liedholms believe in a culture that is permeated by our values. The fact that we actively work to live up to our values gives you as a customer, among other things”

  • A committed partner who provides fast support and great service
  • Security in always receiving quality-assured products with high delivery reliability
  • Easy business and help with product development that frees up time for other things