On April 14, we were revised for an upgrade of our EN 1090 approval to EXC3.

The auditor approved us without any deviations with the following audit conclusion:

The company currently has customers in various segments with high demands, for example, ASME, PED and nuclear power where
special requirements in welding, testing and traceability are common and are handled by the company in a
very good way in the management system. The company has a well-implemented management system with routines, instructions
and supporting documents.
The auditor recommends an extension of the scope with EXC3 for EN1090-1.

Marketing Manager Esbjörn Säiner comments on our upgrade: “Since we already are used to high demands on our welding, with full traceability of both welding consumables and materials, the step to EXC3 was not so big. It can be a strategically important piece of the puzzle in our quest to expand our commitments to the construction industry”.

You are welcome to contact us if you need EN 1090-1 EXC3 competence in your construction projects.