After a strong first half of 2020, despite the prevailing pandemic, Liedholms continued to invest in new machines.

A new machine for turning long items was installed at the end of October. The machine is a HYUNDAI WIA L 700LMA and increases Liedholm’s competitiveness in areas such as the process industry where we now have new opportunities to turn long items.

The other machine was a CNC milling machine that complements the existing machine park and thus increases our capacity for processing larger products in e.g. 254SMO / 1.4547. The machine is a HYUNDAI WIA HS8000 and was put into operation in November.

“In 2019, Liedholms invested in a new welding robot and a larger CNC milling machine, and with the two most recent investments, we are well equipped for an expected increase in 2021 ”, says owner and Managing Director Tony Ståhlgren. He continues: “We are seeing increasing demand both in the marine sector and in pressure vessels that are classified according to ASME U. We help many customers with design and calculations to convert their products from European standards to American standards. Both machines allow us to machine the products after welding and deliver a finished product to the customer.”

Liedholms had a very strong 2019 with a record turnover of SEK 285 million and the first half of 2020 was just as strong. The second half of 2020 went down a bit compared to last year when many of the customers moved their orders forward to 2021, therefore the installation of the new machines will be timely to be equipped for 2021.