It is with pride that we can announce that Liedholms Maskinteknik AB in February underwent a certification process according to the American ASME organization’s rules for pressure vessels and thereby has received new “U” and “NB” certificates based on the latest code regulations from the 2019 update. The group of inspectors who joined via link unanimously decided to recommend the ASME organization to extend our certificates up to and including April 2023, without follow-up inspections. It is the highest grade, and we have received the new certificate!

The next ASME edition will already be available in 2021 and will be updated every two year in the future, but the certification will continue at 3-year intervals. In addition to our ASME certification, we continue to invest in the quality management systems ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO3834-2, which will be revised in April this year.

As many of our customers have a high environmental and quality profile, it is reassuring to know that their products are manufactured by a supplier with high ambitions and with the right quality and environmental goals.

Liedholms Maskinteknik AB manufactures advanced welding constructions, pressure vessels and complete machines for customers in the energy & environment industry, process industry and for marine applications with high demands on documentation and traceability. We work with carbon steel constructions as well as in high-alloy stainless materials and titanium. We are used to high demands from our customers and have extensive experience of customer adaptations with design and calculation, product development and project management. A growing segment for us is the production adaptation of the customer’s product to requirements according to ASME U.

Last year, we manufactured over 1,000 pressure vessels for our customers and through their worldwide operations, Liedholms manufactured products can now be found everywhere on land and at sea. This also means that we are used to receiving international visits, both from end users and third-party bodies during inspections, tests, and certifications.

Liedholms is geographically easily accessible with ports, trains and airports close by. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you and your company.