The units can be supplied with test run and sealed.

We have a very long experience of manufacturing and assembling components, modules and complete machines.

A major application is food service. Here we can deliver complete filling and packaging machines, refrigeration machines and more.

Other applications are complete pressure vessels, filtration units, plate heat exchangers and various pumping/piping systems for process industries. We have manufactured and installed many other things, such as brake components for trains, hearth furnaces for glass wool and pallet handling equipment.

We can handle mechanics, electricity, hydraulics and automation. The units can be supplied tested and sealed. Finally, we can also pack the equipment for shipping and long term storage under tough conditions, such as in large vacuum bags.

During assembly and testing our large premises are highly useful. We have separate halls for manufacturing in carbon steel, in stainless steel and for assemble work in order to avoid contamination. Besides having the correct physical conditions it is also important to know project management and documentation.