We know welding

Our employees are certified according to a series of national and international standards and are continually educated. We manufacture partly and/or fully assembled modules to applications such as nuclear power plants, process industries and offshore installations. This often involves extreme quality and documentation requirements and manufacturing using high-alloy steel and titanium.

Our welding meets the standards such as ASME U, PED, NORSOK. ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-1 EXC3 and RCC-M depending on application and customer requirements. In addition to the welding it places high skill requirements on construction, documentation, assembling, and management. Here we often assist our customer, typical a system provider, and often attend meetings with the customer’s customer.

We both weld manually and in robotics and according to most existing methods.

One of the most common applications is different types of pressure vessels (both positive and negative pressure) such as filters and tanks, often manufactured in tough stainless steel as 254 SMO (1.4547).

A large amount of our welds are checked with different types of non-destructive testing, such as X-ray, magnetic particles testing, ultrasonic testing, penetrants and hardness testing, depending on the classification of the weld or what customer requirements there are.

Licenced welding


Pressure vessel welding


Plasma welding


Pipe system in process industry