We are located at Gåsebäcks industry area. Here we are close to everything within the hot Öresund Region, but also distribution by railway, trucks and shipping. We are also located less than an hour away from Copenhagen International Airport and 30 minutes away from Helsingborg Airport, so it is easy to reach us.

We have been located at the same place since 1965 and have gradually expanded our premises. Today we dispose about 7500 sqm of floor space. We also have plenty of space for outdoor installation and assembly work.

The production facilities are clearly divided after purpose. For instance stainless steel work and assembly work are handled in separate facilities to ensure purity. The facilities are well equipped with e.g. cranes and the assembly hall has balanced support surfaces for precision assembly.


Liedholms has modern welding equipment installed at some 30 welding stations for manual licence welding and 3 stations for robotic welding. Welding is done with the methods MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG, gas and submerged arc (UP).

We have a quick and precise welding robot of the brand Motoman (NX 100, 20kg, positioners 5 ton, 3 ton and 750kg). It is rail-mounted and serves 3 workstations for maximum utilization. Our newest welding robot is an YASKAWA robot and has two pallets for reduced racking costs as we can rig during ongoing welding.

We also have a powder welding machine of the brand ESAB A6 800A and ESAB A2 800A tractor.

Liedholms Machine Park for processing is adapted to manual jobs and short to medium size runs and can handle bulky and heavy items. It consists of appr. 15 lathes, milling machines and machining centers. The newest machines’ capabilities include CNC controlled boring, turning and plate rolling /bending.

We have extensive assembly and testing equipment for pressure vessels, designed for everything from small vessels to tanks with 6 meters in diameter or more. Of course we also have instruments and calibration equipment for quality checks of measurements, welds and more. There is also a large area for packaging and labeling. We can meet tough export packing demands for sea freight and long term storage, including vacuum packaging.